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Last day at college is full of emotions, nervousness, and excitement. More or less, all students on the last day of college have the same feelings. On one side, they feel excited about the upcoming University life. As for the majority of the students, University life is a fascinating period of the educational time frame. Even at school, many students want to go to University. On the other side, college life is the shortest but sweetest educational period. So, many students enjoyed it a lot and will be going to miss it.


However, the transition of students from schools to colleges or colleges to Universities helps students accept the mutations of life.  Life never remains the same; you cannot stop time according to your will.  But, you have to adapt yourself according to the needs of life. The transition from one educational institution to another is the real-life practice of the mutating nature of life. In light of the importance of college life, this article will give you suggestions to make the last day of college memorable.


A Few Important Suggestions That Will Make Your Last Day At College Memorable:

In reality, the suggestions of making a day memorable vary from student to student. Mostly tips to make your last day memorable help introverts make at least a few good moments in life. While on the other side, extroverts are efficient enough to suggest new ideas to other students too. Hence, irrespective of the student type, the following suggestion can make the last day of the college memorable for everyone.


Autographs From The Respected Teachers

The most respectable entities in college are ‘the teachers’. No one can challenge the place of teachers in the life of a student—It is natural to miss the faces that you used to see daily. But, by keeping the importance of transition in life, no one can prolong his stay at college. Hence, collecting good wishes from teachers through autographs is a good practice. Apart from ethical concerns, you can also make the last day at college memorable by doing the following things;

·         Take autographs from your friends

·         You can also add the college sweepers and guards to your Autograph lists.

·         You can share gifts or phone numbers with all the class fellows and respected teachers


Painting Uniforms:

Turning your white dress shirt into a portrait is a common practice on the last day of college. Especially, the art students use their all painting skills to turn a white shirt into a canvas. They make very good portraits of each other in uniform which is indeed a good practice.  On the other hand, the science students who don’t know anything about painting gives autographs on each other’s uniforms. However, painting Uniforms is a practice that your mommy will never like! But still, you can do this to make your day unforgettable.

Celebrations At The College Ground:

Research by a dissertation writing service shows that the last day at college brings a soothing effect for late risers. The students who hate early to bed and early to raise practice feel pleasure after listening to the last day announcement. Hence, such students are those who celebrate the last day at their maximum.  The common celebration often seen on the last day of the intermediate students is beating the drums. The students gather in the college ground and start dancing to the sound of the drum. They splash different colours and water on their fellow for making the last day memorable. This practice is good if you want to live every moment of the last day, but, often, some colleges never allow their students to do something like that.  So please consult your class representatives before planning such activities on the premises of your college.


Dine Out With College Fellows:

Eating is a necessity of life. You often see people who only live ‘to eat.’ As in my childhood, one of my classmates said that people eat to live; but,  she lived to eat. Apart from a joke, such people really exist.  So most students who love to dine out arrange get-togethers to attain the sole purpose of their lives. Yet, on the last day of college, reserving seats for your favourite restaurant will add flavours to your joy.


One Dish Party:

The students who belong to high-class families can make the last day at college memorable by spending money on many activities like the following;

·         They can plan for a movie.

·         They can arrange class trips to far off places

·         They can also reserve a seat in the town’s best restaurants.

·         They can spend quality time with friends at the bank of the sea or a river.


But, going outside from the premises of the college need money. The students who belong to the middle class or lower class families could not arrange money. If you are such a student, then remember one thing. Money is not the only token to earn happiness. Sometimes, you cannot buy satisfaction from money; but, you can get it after realising the value of little happiness. Like, the one dish parties, sharing a single bread with friends, and dividing a donout among 4 fellows also make your day memorable.


Photography Section:

Taking photographs of the students with dirty hands, faces, and clothes makes the college’s last day memorable. Such photographs will make you laugh at every stage of life. You can take help from such memories even in the most stressful part of life. Remember, life is full of ups and downs. So try to collect good memories. They will help you to improve your mental health status.


An Apology Section:

Being students, we often dislike many class fellows. But, on the last day of college, you need to resolve all issues with fellows. Before going home, please apologise to your friends and teachers. As asking for pardon is the shortest way to win someone’s heart. Life is too short; try to make every moment memorable. Apologise for your mistakes, feel happy about others’ happiness, and ignore events you cannot change.

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